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OPEN UP © 2008 Sha-Rone (ASCAP)

Everybodyís got a situation going on
And no nobody knows what's up or
Whatís the deal with all the chaos all around
Conspiracy confusing me in my own head
That seems so dead beneath the garbage
of the media, hysteria, - sex mania, tazmania.
Everybodyís watchin' someone else
Destroy a cell inside themselves
Without a clue on how to glue us
back together with the truth
A situation in a world
that spins around its quite absurd
Where we have come again my friend
Its the beginning, not the end...
Its the beginning, not the end...
The glass is never empty
Yeah its always full
Every single one of us
Has in him all the tools
To make this world a better place
To make it paradise
All it takes, is open up your eyes...
Open up your eyes
(come on now, u can open 'em
u can open 'em, jis' open 'em)
Open up your eyes
(come on now, u can open 'em
u can open 'em, jis' open 'em)
Everybody's got someone they want
to have em' sleepin' by their side
But no so easy is this life u want
It all so much u cant
Do all the things u wish u could
like be a star get outta the hood
Live like a prince or a princess
N' drive a Porsche in Hollywood
Everybody's got a situation
In their crazy imagination
Oh my G-d, I gotta be someone
Before the Angel zaps you n' you're gone
We plug on through the field of days
Its just a phase in many ways
Don't count your eggs before they hatch
Don't run too fast, before you crash....
The grass in never greener
On the other side
The spot on which u stand on
Is always Holy Ground
The fire's always burning, yeah
U'll always be alive
All it takes is, open up your eyes...
For every piece of freedom
There is a price to pay
The gates to all the kingdom
Is in every word you say
Its not the same old story
Rewrite it if you wish
You have a soul, You have a will
Its all within your reach....
Reach out Reach out Reach out,
And open up your eyes....

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